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Upcoming interview with arts and culture correspondent Jeffrey Brown

Last Friday, I sat down with Jeffrey Brown, the chief correspondent for arts, culture and society at the PBS NewsHour. Mr. Brown was this year’s Distinguished Lecturer at the Idaho Humanities Council’s annual fundraising event in Boise.

I talked with Brown about his arts coverage, including a recent piece he reported about the efforts to protect the cultural resources of Ukraine from destruction by Russia. We also discussed the importance of the “public good,” which was the theme of his address to the Idaho Humanities Council audience later that evening.

My warm thanks to the staff of Surel’s Place in Garden City, an artist residency program where we taped the interview. They went above and beyond in creating a beautiful ambience for the conversation with artwork by the late Surel Mitchell, who lived in the home until her death in 2011, and contributed greatly to the art community in the Treasure Valley and beyond.

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