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Journalist Jill Dougherty: Decoding Putin

As Russia’s dominance on the international stage increases, along with its presence in the American presidential election, Dialogue host Marcia Franklin talks with journalist Jill Dougherty about Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Dougherty, who reported for CNN for 30 years, most recently as its Foreign Affairs
Correspondent, was also the network’s Moscow Bureau Chief and White House Correspondent.
She left CNN in 2013 to get a Master’s degree in International Relations from Georgetown
University and is now writing a book on Putin’s ‘soft power.’ At the time she spoke with
Franklin, Dougherty was a Global Fellow at the Kennan Institute, a division of the Woodrow
Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington, D.C.

The two discuss what Dougherty means by ‘soft power,’ and some of the factors that drive President Putin’s persona and politics. Franklin also asks Dougherty about Putin’s involvement in the United States’ presidential election and what the next U.S. president should keep in mind when negotiating with Russia.

Dougherty was in Boise in September 2016 to address the Boise Committee on Foreign Relations.

Originally Aired: 09/30/2016

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