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Documentarian Michael Kirk: The Choice 2008

Host Marcia Franklin talks with Frontline co-founder and producer Mike Kirk. Kirk discusses his upcoming program, “The Choice,” which profiles presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain. For 20 years, Frontline has been profiling the major candidates for the American presidency, giving voters a behind-the-scenes look at their backgrounds, values and life decisions.

Kirk also talks about his work on ten documentaries about the “war on terror,” including “Bush’s War,” “Cheney’s Law,” and “The Torture Question.” The producer of more than 200 national documentaries, Kirk has spent much of the past seven years documenting the political intrigue behind the decision to go to war in Iraq and the consequences of that decision.

An Idaho native, Kirk’s public television career started at KUID-TV in Moscow.
Originally aired: 10/09/2008

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