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Journalist Martha Raddatz: The Long Road Home

Host Marcia Franklin talks with ABC Chief White House correspondent Martha Raddatz about national politics and the war in Iraq. Although Raddatz could stay inside the Beltway to do her job, she’s made it a priority to go to Iraq, a total of 17 times at this date. She talks with Franklin about why she takes that risk, whether she’s seeing any progress in that country, and about her book, “The Long Road Home,” which chronicles a battle in Sadr City. The two also talk about her thoughts on the growing violence in Pakistan, a country Raddatz has reported from many times.

Prior to joining ABC in 1999, Raddatz covered the Pentagon for National Public Radio for six years. Public Television viewers will recognize her as well for her regular appearances on Washington Week with Gwen Ifill.

The recipient of numerous honors, including a Peabody Award and three national Emmy awards, Ms. Raddatz was in Boise as the distinguished speaker for the Idaho Humanities Council’s annual event.

Originally aired: 11/13/2008

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