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Authors Kim Barnes & Robert Wrigley: Writing in Idaho

These two Idaho writers, Kim Barnes and Robert Wrigley, are married to each other. They talk about and read from their works with host Marcia Franklin, and recommend some of their favorite books. Originally aired: 02/24/2000

Author Samantha Power: The Age of Genocide

Host Marcia Franklin speaks with author Samantha Power, who in her book “A Problem from Hell: America and the Age of Genocide” decries U.S. complacency about mass murder and ethnic cleansing in other countries. Originally aired: 04/18/2002

Heather Rae & Russ Friedenberg: Filmmaking in Idaho

Marcia Franklin talks with Idaho filmmakers Heather Rae and Russell Friedenberg. The two produced and wrote “Trudell,” a documentary about Native American poet and activist John Trudell. The documentary aired on Idaho Public Television as part of the “Independent Lens” series. Rae and Friedenberg discuss their film, which premiered at…

Journalist Martha Raddatz: The Long Road Home

Host Marcia Franklin talks with ABC Chief White House correspondent Martha Raddatz about national politics and the war in Iraq. Although Raddatz could stay inside the Beltway to do her job, she’s made it a priority to go to Iraq, a total of 17 times at this date. She talks…

Author N. Scott Momaday: The West

In this interview from 1996, Marcia Franklin talks with Pulitzer Prize winning author N. Scott Momaday about his role in commentating on Native American culture in the recently released Ken Burns documentary ‘The West.’ Momaday also talks about how to find your voice as an author and the relationship between…

Documentarian Michael Kirk: Behind the Story

Marcia Franklin continues her conversation with Michael Kirk, a producer and director for FRONTLINE on PBS since its inception in 1983. The two discuss Kirk’s career, including his start in Idaho at KUID, the public television station in Moscow. They also talk about how he chooses the subjects for his…


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