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Political Scientist Yascha Mounk: German, Jewish, American

Host Marcia Franklin talks with political scientist Yascha Mounk about identity, political divides and his outlook on America. Mounk is the author of several books, including “The People vs. Democracy,” “The Great Experiment,” and “Stranger in My Own Country.”  The conversation was recorded at the 2022 Sun Valley Writers’ Conference.

Author Rebecca Donner: All the Frequent Troubles of our Days

Conversations From the Sun Valley Writers’ Conference on Dialogue returns for its 15th season. Marcia Franklin talks with author Rebecca Donner about “All the Frequent Troubles of Our Days,” which chronicles the life of Mildred Harnack, her great-great-aunt. Harnack and her husband helped found one of the largest resistance groupsContinue readingAuthor Rebecca Donner: All the Frequent Troubles of our Days


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